Student Senate to talk possible Rec. Center fee increase

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

The Student Senate will be moving on from discussion of the proposed housing and dining rate increase to a proposed fee increase for the recreation center.

Coming in to discuss this will be Sarah Daugherty, the director of campus recreation.

A fee increase has not been implemented since 2008 where there was a 3.6% increase.

“We are hoping to fund the increase in minimum wage for our 80-100 student employees as well as improve the equipment available to the students using the SRC,” Daugherty said.

The 50 percent increase will go from $6 per credit hour to $9 per credit hour, capped at 12 credit hours.

This means that for full time students it will be a fee of $108 per semester and $216 per year.

Student Senate will discuss this after a presentation from Daugherty to see if they support this and can deny or accept.

Held within the consent agenda for Wednesday’s meeting are several appointments to the Student Action Team.

Those to be added will be Student Body Senators Payton Ade and Francesco Romano.

Another addition is Keegan Noll, making those three the only members of Student Action Team thus far besides the chair and advisor.

Serving as Executive Vice President of Student Senate, Michael Perri also serves as chair to the Student Action Team.

Student Action Team serves to “represent the expressed interests of EIU students and present those interests to state lawmakers. The Student Action Team works closely with state and local lawmakers in the State of Illinois to improve the quality of education and financial support for EIU students.

They also “gain hands-on political experience advocating in the State of Illinois Capital — Springfield, Illinois on behalf of the EIU Student Body.”

The only requirements to be on Student Action Team are a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing with Eastern Illinois University.

Plans for Student Action Team will be updated bylaws as well as starting an advertising campaign to focus on the requirement of diverse majors to bring new perspective to Student Action Team.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held March 24.


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