Social Justice Series to be held in February

Staff Report

In the month of February Eastern Illinois University hosted a series called Social Justice Series Faculty Chat.

At this online event Caitlin G. Lynch, a new professor at Eastern in the sociology, anthropology and criminology departments was the speaker.

Lynch is a former police officer having left the police force in 2013. She spoke on the topic of the new controversial police reform bill.

The new police reform bill House Bill 3653 has been passed by the house and senate and is waiting to be signed by Governor. J.B. Pritzker.

If governor Pritzker does sign it, the legislation would require officers across Illinois to be licensed by the state and outfitted with body cameras, among other changes.

Lynch spoke about how this bill would eliminate cash bail, require body cameras for all departments, reforms qualified immunity for law enforcement officers, and changes police misconduct record keeping.

She said she believes that officers and others are concerned about how fast the bill was passed because the people who it affects the most are police officers. Lynch said she felt like the bill was passed quickly and not given enough time to be properly looked at.


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