Student Gov. to meet Wednesday

Theo Edwards, Staff Reporter

This week’s Student Government meeting to be held on Wednesday Nov. 18 will have Speaker of the Senate nominations and discussions.

Requirements for Speaker of the Senate are listed in the Student Senate Bylaws. 

Requirements include being a full-time student and meeting the requirements necessary to become a senator.

Responsibilities and authorities for Speaker also listed in the Student Senate Bylaws include the ability to attend all Executive meetings, deliver a State of the Senate address each semester, and keep updated maintained information for each Senator.

They also hold the ability to appoint chairpersons to standing committees, which is subject to confirmation by vote of Senate, and may vote any senator off that is in violation of the Student Senate Bylaws or Student Body Constitution.

The role of Speaker includes being presiding officer of the Senate and Chairperson of Council of Chairs.

The meeting will also include on the consent agenda the appointment of the following positions:

-Appointment of Ashley Bartley to the Student Dean Advisory Council

-Appointment of Noor Ul-Haash Khamisani to the Bylaws Review Committee

-Appointment of Michael Perri to the Bylaws Review Committee

-Appointment of Seth Yeakel to the Bylaws Review Committee

-Appointment of Rachel Ashley to the Bylaws Review Committee

-Appointment of Destinee Patterson to the Bylaws Review Committee

Senator of the Semester nominations will be released as well.

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday Dec. 2.


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