EDITORIAL: Be patient for election results

Editorial Board

The 2020 presidential election is underway, and we at the Daily Eastern News ask that everyone remains patient as results and news continue to develop.

It’s easy to feel anxious about this year’s results given the amount of time American people have been anticipating the results.

It may be frustrating to have to wait until an unknown date to find out if Donald Trump, the incumbent, will remain president, or if Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, and former vice president, will unseat him.

Biden made a statement Tuesday night in Delaware stressing that voters remain patient as early votes and mail-in ballots are counted and that he is optimistic regarding his chances to win the election.

Trump took to Twitter to claim that his campaign was “up big” and that “they are trying to STEAL the Election.”

As votes continue to be counted, the winner of the election will be determined in due time. This election, like the year it is being held in, requires patience from all of those involved.

2020 has been filled with catastrophe after catastrophe, and waiting for presidential results that could determine how these catastrophes are addressed may be agonizing, especially considering that this year’s election is what CNN is currently referring to as a “nail-biter.”

This week is yet another test of endurance for American people, and it is the perfect opportunity to showcase the patience that has been honed over these long 11 months.

The results will come. Try not to jump to conclusions before they do.