Column: 2020 cannot take away Halloween

Katelyn Eddington

The Centers for Disease Control is officially canceling Halloween activities like trick-or-treating because it’s unsafe with the global coronavirus pandemic.

Now I understand the pandemic, but canceling Halloween?

That’s a time for kids or adults (like me) to have fun.

The CDC also says don’t go to haunted houses.

But if you’re wearing a mask and practicing safe, precautionary social distancing skills you should be fine.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  If 2020 cancels Halloween, then what’s next? Thanksgiving, Christmas?

2020 has literally ruined everything, well I guess I should be saying the COVID-19 pandemic ruined it.

But I am so confused because you can’t cancel a holiday. Halloween is nothing without dressing up, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses.

Again, I understand there is a pandemic going on, however, I think that holidays and the traditions should still be allowed.

You can easily sit on your front porch and hand out candy from a safe distance and you can still go to a haunted house and not touch anything.

Also, Halloween costumes also come with masks and if it’s not up to the code then place a cloth mask underneath the costume mask.

I genuinely believe the world could use some normalcy and holidays are the way to do that.

It seems like all anyone talks about is how bad 2020 has been.

So, let’s get some positivity back in our lives and celebrate Halloween.

The pandemic and 2020 has taken enough from me and I am not about to let it take my spooky Halloween and fall fun as well.

I can’t be the only person that feels this way.

Also, I love seeing Halloween costumes and seeing what or who everyone has dressed up as.

I dress up for Halloween and I can’t wait to pick my costume out this year.

Halloween is a time for kids to still be kids and adults to be a kid with the kids.

I despise that traditions might not happen, but I am also willing to accept if traditions do not happen.

I guess it is part of this new normal, which is another phrase I am tired of hearing about.

Anyway, I hope Halloween events don’t get canceled and I hope other holidays do not get canceled either.

I still plan on having my spooky Halloween fun while I maintain my distance and wear a mask and wash my hands.


Katelyn Eddington is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].