Students share favorite songs for Country Music Day

Heather Suarez, Staff Reporter

International Country Music Day is celebrated each year on Sept. 17.

The day began being celebrated in 2003 to celebrate country music all over the globe and honor country music’s roots.

Country music began in the early 1900s and has seen many variants within the genre that features such songs as “God Bless the U.S.A” by Lee Greenwood, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown.

The genre has seen many changes over the years as it has adapted to cultural changes leaving a broad range of songs in the category.

As music is something many utilize in their day to day lives, college students have many different opinions on the matter.

Brianna Thomas, a freshman animation and graphic design major, said that she does not know many of the artists associated with country music but said she likes the song “Wagon Wheel.”

“Wagon Wheel” was covered by Darius Rucker but was originally written in 1975 by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Thomas added that she also likes the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” that was written in 1971 by John Denver.

Thomas said the song sounds like what many refer to as “old country.”

“It’s got that old feel and I like that” She says, “All the new country now is not as good.”

Thomas said she feels like “new country” music today mostly focuses on only trucks and alcohol.

Julianne Dailey, a freshman elementary education major, said country music has always been a part of her life.

“I grew up around country music, that was something my dad always listened to,” Dailey said.

She also said that country music helps her get in the mood to study.

Maddy Powers, a sophomore English major, said her parents listening to country music as she grew up had an influence on her younger years.

“When I was little I liked it because my parents forced it on me, like parents tend to do. When I was in preschool, I got to go to my first concert, I got to see Keith Urban. My four-year-old self was infatuated with this man,” Powers said. “I thought I was going to marry him so I was really upset when he got married.”

Powers said her favorite country song is “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban.

Ethan Fleming, a freshman majoring in biological sciences, said that he does not particularly listen to country music but he likes the song Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Celebrating country music day can be a great time to listen to the songs you enjoy, or even explore a new genre of country music such as country rock or honky-tonk if you listen to it on occasion.

Peter Martynowicz, a sophomore digital media technology major, said country music gives him a good feeling.

“I think country music just warms your soul,” Martynowicz said “It’s like seeing the nice Minnesota sunset on a lake, catching some walleye.”

Martynowicz said his love for country music came from his friends.

“I’d say just driving trucks around with my friends back in the country,” Martynowicz said. “I don’t think I was big into country until I was sitting with the boys on a tailgate, watching the fire blaze, Luke Combs just blaring his heart out.”

Martynowicz said he believes young adults may not like country music because of influences on them while they grew up.

“I think its cause growing up it wasn’t cool. Its probably what your parents listen to. It isn’t as flashy or as bass driven, Martynowicz said. “People can’t relate to it and the ones who do don’t really say they do cause it isn’t cool.”

According to, International Country Music Day began in 2003. The date of Sept. 17 also coincides with the birthday of country music legend Hank Williams, who was born on that day in 1923.

The site suggests that people listen to country music, watch movies about country artists or support local radio stations that play country music.


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