Eastern students share their creativity tips for National Live Creative Day

Ryan Meyer, Staff Reporter

Students shared how they live creatively for National Live Creative Day on Monday.

According to the National Day Calendar, “Rules tend to fall away when we unleash our imagination. Of course, authors and artists have long suspended reality in support of their work, to the satisfaction of their vision. They live creative.”

Noah McCammon, sophomore political science major and resident assistant, encouraged students to liven up their days by decorating their rooms to make the space feel more like them.

“I feel like something good that you could do to take your mind off of stuff like that is just decorate your own room,” McCammon said. “Make it less dull, make it more you. I feel like that’s a great way to use your mind creatively.”

He said the space change can make students feel creative while doing something simple for themselves.

“I think it makes you more of an interesting person to socialize with,” McCammon said.

Students can use several outlets to express creativity, such as music, painting, sculpting and many other things.

Tori Kafer, freshman elementary education major, said she uses several visual art forms to relax during times where she is highly stressed.

Kafer says she believes that anyone can use art to relieve stress.

“I think art can help in many ways,” Kafer said. “At first I wanted to go into art therapy. I use it to calm me down when I’m stressed.”

Hope Porter, a sophomore special education major, said she also uses art to live creatively.

Porter said she goes with the flow when making art to clear her head.

She added she likes to go into her art with a set plan before creating anything.

“It depends on what I’m doing a lot of times I look for inspiration then try and make an image in my head to see what I want to create if that makes sense,” Porter said.

Kafer said she enjoys painting realistic works.

“I use acrylics mostly, and like painting surreal or nature stuff,” Kafer said.

She added that it is best to be free with art.

Kafer’s said her advice to those looking to express themselves creatively is to hold nothing back.

“Just let your mind flow, let it all out,” Kafer said. “That’s what I do.”

Porter said she finds joy in taking little pieces of things and putting them all together for a bigger picture. She added that she doesn’t go for one specific image when creating, it can end up being a lot of different things.

“I like to do a lot of abstract collage-type things so stuff that doesn’t have a meaning but has a lot of color,” Porter said.

Porter said being creative is important for college students because “it is relaxing and helps you experience what you like and don’t like.”

She added students should use art so they have an outlet and open their mind to new ideas.

The National Day Calendar suggests the following as ways to celebrate Live Creative Day:

· Sharing skills

· Taking a new class

· Teaching a child new skills


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