Column: Wake me up when 2020 ends

Gillian Eubanks

This year, unlike most others, has to be the biggest prank pulled on mankind in the history of forever.

Almost every day this year, I have read something in the news that makes me feel like a cameraman is watching me waiting for a reaction.

Really though, this is the worst “Black Mirror” episode I’ve seen, or experienced that is.

Just within the month of January we saw WWIII trending (what ever happened to that?), Australia burning to a crisp, Trump’s almost impeachment, and Kobe Bryant’s death.

Oh, I forgot our special guest, COVID-19, introducing itself in January.

Then in March, when our quarantine began. At first, it was the dream I always had. No work, no school, no awkward obligations to hang out with anyone. An introvert by nature, I was thriving.

In May, we saw the murder of George Floyd, springing protests and riots across the nation. Some people stood with Black Lives Matter, others with Blue Lives Matter, like it was a debate. A debate that only has one right side, and that is with Black Lives Matter.

From then, “Hot Girl Summer” turned into quarantine summer. My boredom was just starting to get to me.

In July, we saw Megan Thee Stallion shot by Tory Lanez, which completely threw me for a loop. This showed an example of the scary encounters Black women go through just to receive backlash from everyone for whatever “justified” reason.

Now, here we are in school. That, by far, has been the biggest joke to me this year. Universities bringing students back on campus, knowing the inevitability of COVID-19. Why aren’t we doing remote learning? Why are schools across the nation allowing students to be on campus? I understand education is important, so we must go on. What I don’t understand is the risk.

Risking students, faculty, the families of these people, and even the community.

With just three months left of 2020, there is still much that can go awry.

The pandemic is still going full force with no clear ending in sight.

In November, we will face another ugly election. The outcome of the election and the reaction to the election will be at the top of craziest things that will have happened this year.

If there is a few things that 2020 has taught me it’s to expect the unexpected, tomorrow is not promised, and to be grateful every day. Wake me up when 2020 ends. Unless it gets worse, then just leave me be.


Gillian Eubanks is a junior health communications major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]