“DEN at Home”: Letter from Corryn Brock


Corryn Brock, News Editor

All of this happened so fast and so slow.

It was only a month ago I was enjoying time working at The Daily Eastern News and spending time with Alpha Sigma Tau sisters.

It feels like everything has changed so quickly these past few weeks and yet the days drag on.

As one of the 200 or so students left living on campus the pandemic, it honestly feels like the apocalypse at times. 

I am alone in a large house that was originally filled with laughter, love and my sisters

As much as we Zoom and text it’s not the same and I miss them so much. At a time when we should be able to rely on each other we are unable to see each other face-to-face.

It sucks.

I want to be able to stay up in the chapter room and watch Raising Hope.

I want to go to late night after a long night at work and tell my sister the news of the day.

I want to be at a real in-person chapter meeting and get to have a normal first semester for my term as President.

But I can’t. And I understand why, but I hate it.

I want my sisters and all my other friends and family to be safe, but I wish we could be safe and healthy together.

As President I want to have everyone with me so we can build our sisterhood and implement everything we had planned for the semester and watch it flourish.

And as the News Editor for The Daily Eastern News, I want to see all the reporters and editors who work so hard to keep our paper going.

I miss spending all day in the newsroom and getting to bother J.J. Bullock, laugh with Hannah Shillo and go down to WEIU to talk to Kelly Goodwin about stories going on around campus and ask Everett Lau about the weather.

Working online is better than nothing but it still cannot compare to the experience of writing in the newsroom and watching the paper go to the press and picking up the first stack of papers off the press and getting it ready to go to the various pick-up points around Charleston.

I even miss reading the comments from people telling us we do are not doing our jobs right and complaining about our coverage, because it all adds to the incredible atmosphere I love. 

I know I am not the only one missing my on-campus ties and for the others feeling the same way I am, I hope you are finding the ways to connect and see your friends virtually until you can be with them again.

It’s a rough time right now but you’ve got this.

Corryn Brock, sophomore, journalism major.