10th-Day: Eastern sees spring-to-spring increase

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Tenth-day enrollment numbers revealed a total of 7,621 students enrolled in classes at Eastern, 181 more students than the Spring 2019 semester.

Excluding high school, the students taking dual-credit courses enrollment is at 5,886.

The total amount of high school students taking dual-credit courses is down 0.91 percent from last spring at 1,735 students, and total undergraduate students is down 0.38 percent from last spring at 4,217 students.

Post-baccalaureate undergraduate students are up six students from last spring and now totals 48 students.

This leaves total undergraduate enrollment down by 0.43 percent.

Graduate student enrollment increased from 1,454 to 1,593, and post-baccalaureate graduate enrollment increased from 23 students to 28 students.

In total, graduate student enrollment increased 9.75 percent.

Eastern President David Glassman said the increase in overall enrollment demonstrated Eastern’s capability to compete in high education.

“Our spring increase is an impressive step in showcasing Eastern’s adaptability and responsiveness in today’s higher education arena,” Glassman said. “This growth, combined with EIU’s above-average national retention and graduation rates for universities in its class, are categorical indicators of our enduring success and preparation for future growth.”

Josh Norman, associate vice president of enrollment management, said the increase showed that the university is meeting student’s needs.

“Another semester of increased enrollments at EIU — especially in the spring — is a candid assessment of our ability to meet students’ needs where they are and with the academic programming they need,” Norman said.

According to a press release about the 10th-Day enrollment numbers, “EIU’s official spring 2020 figures come from the university’s 10th-day enrollment reports. Tenth-day enrollment reports are the nationally accepted standard for tracking university and college enrollments. Several of EIU’s standalone 10th-day enrollment reports are individually processed and combined to create a comprehensive university enrollment report that, once complete in its entirety…”

No specific date was named for the full report to be released.

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