To the editor: Greek life participation needs to be examined by Eastern

Jeff Knezovich

We thank the Daily Eastern News for shedding light on the frightful decay of the Greek System on Eastern’s campus.  Once the most robust organizations on campus, now a bust!  As a Greek alumnus of our great institution I can assure you the alumni are well aware of the situation.  Many concerned Greek alumni have offered to fund a Blue-Ribbon Committee.  We are awaiting a response from President Glassman on our offer to help analyze the situation and make recommendations on addressing the current sad situation.

Each student comes to campus in hopes of achieving a sound academic experience.  A small part of the academic road is one’s experiences involving social exchanges, philanthropy, governance, and sporting opportunities.  This is a large part of Greek life.  I encourage everyone examine membership into one of the Greek letter societies on campus.  It is a great life experience!

Jeff Knezovich ‘79

Greek Alumni Advisor