Eastern students get ready for Halloween

Corryn Brock, News Editor

With Halloween fast approaching students are excited for “spooky season” and all that comes with it, but some students say they are not sure when to start celebrating 

Alana Reinhardt, a senior public relations major, said it has been hard to get in the spirit of the holiday because of the heat. 

“I feel like with this year is hard because it’s just so hot,” Reindhardt said. “It’s hard to get into the Halloween spirit when I’m in a tank top.” 

However, Reinhardt said she will begin celebrating regardless of the heat on Tuesday. 

“The 30 Days of Halloween on Freeform starts on Oct. 1 so in my mind that’s when I’ll probably start (celebrating Halloween),” Reinhardt said. 

Imani Ryan, a senior family and consumer sciences major, said she starts celebrating when stores begin selling Halloween decorations and costumes. 

Lily Leopardo, a senior art education major, said as soon as October is here she begins celebrating. 

“Whenever Oct. 1 comes around it’s time to go, I’m ready for it,” Leopardo said. 

Regardless of when they start celebrating, many students are excited to begin doing Halloween related activities. 

Madelyn Robinson, a junior psychology major, said her favorite holiday is Halloween. 

Robinson said she likes watching scary movies during October. 

“This is my first year away from home so I’m probably just going to be in my dorm watching movies alone,” Robinson said. 

Robinson said she doesn’t like scary movies but enjoys other aspects of Halloween. 

“I personally love Halloween. I’m a big baby when it comes to scary stuff so I’m not into the horror aspect of Halloween but I love the costuming and the different creativity that can come out of Halloween as far as really cool make-up and different costumes and decorations, I’m really into that,” Reinhardt. “I love it for the theatrics of it,” Robinson said.  

This year Reinhardt, who is Pemberton Hall Council’s president, said she plans to help with the hall’s annual haunted house. 

“Pemberton Hall each year hosts our annual haunted house and so this year it’s the weekend before Halloween, October 18 and 19, we are hosting our annual haunted house so that typically encases all of my Halloween energy and spirits,” Reinhardt said. “It gives us the opportunity to create our really creepy costumes and get to scare people because we are actors within the haunted house.” 

Reindhardt said besides watching movies and participating in the annual haunted house, she enjoyed driving around Charleston last year to celebrate the holiday. 

“We don’t go trick or treating but it’s still really fun to be a part of the experience like driving around to see people’s different Halloween decorations in the neighborhoods,” Reinhardt said. 

Ryan said she enjoys most aspects of Halloween. 

“I enjoy the decorations and things and the movies. I love scary movies,” Ryan said. 

Gabriel Bielenberg-Gilbert, a senior elementary education, said Halloween is his favorite holiday. 

“I love Halloween. (My favorite part of it is) that I can dress up like an absolute freak and still be accepted in society,” Bielenberg-Gilbert said. “We don’t really decorate all that much even though I would like to, I typically stay at home and hand out candy to trick or treaters.” 

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