Fire pump testing may cause false fire alarms

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Fire pump testing at facilities on Eastern’s campus may cause false fire alarms to go off Tuesday.

Facilities Planning & Management’s Cathy Johnson said in an email that the Student Rec Center, Stevenson Hall, Pemberton Hall, Lumpkin Hall, Andrews Hall and the Doudna Fine Arts Center will experience fire pump testing from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. Tuesday.

False fire alarms may or may not go off as a result of the testing.

In any case, even if a fire alarm turns out to be false, people should still evacuate the building the fire alarm is going off in.

The fire pump testing has been requested by safety officer Dan Deeken.

This outage and any other outages going on at Eastern can be found at

In case of any emergencies in connection with the fire pump testing, Deeken should be contacted at 581-3319.

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