Airband kicks off Greek Week; queen, king crowned

Maria Ruettiger, Staff Reporter

Greek Week’s king and queen were crowned during Airband Saturday night in McAfee Gym. 

Austin Honn, a senior corporate communication major, and Celine Crow, a junior management major are this year’s king and queen

The winners of Airband were paired teams Alpha Gamma Delta and Lambda Chi.

Crow said she was pretty surprised when she realized she won the queen’s crown.

“When I heard my name, I looked like a deer in headlights,” Crow said.

For the rest of Greek Week, she said she is really excited to do pyramids and watch everyone tug on Monday.

Honn said he felt really blessed that he won, but he was mostly happy that he won for his fraternity.

“It’s for the fraternity, not me. I represent them and I just am very happy that I could do it for them,” Honn said.

Honn is also on the pyramids team and said he is very excited to participate on Saturday.

He said that he does not really have any hair left on his knees from sliding around on the gym floor while practicing for it.

He also said it was a process working with the girls and trying to figure out what they needed to do to be the best possible team.

“The (women) are great. They are so much fun to work with,” Honn said. “They push us to be the best we can be and that is what we need and I think we have a good chance of winning that, too.”

Leslie Drueke, a junior fashion merchandising major, and Elise Schall, a senior special education major, were the coaches for this year’s AirBand winners.

Drueke said she was speechless that her sorority won.

Her main goals were to entertain the crowd and have fun.

The theme this year was airplanes flying and to come fly with me.

Schall said that she and Drueke met on Feb. 1, the day they could start to practice, and she just fell in love with this theme and started finding music to go along with it right away.

She said that they would practice Sunday through Thursday for a couple hours a night.

“The boys put so much time and effort into it. We couldn’t have asked for better partners,” Schall said.

Drueke said it was so different working with the fraternity members because it was hard to tell what people would want to see, but she loved being partnered up with them.

“We tried to incorporate the guys as much as we could and wanted them to do what we did,” Drueke said.

Jacob Kling, a sophomore sport management major from Lambda Chi, said his coaches were tremendous and his team would not have been able to win without them.

“They worked with us every step of the way and they earned it just as much as we did,” Kling said.

The runners up were Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon, all three of which were paired with each other.

In third place was Alpha Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The first place winners of the banner competition were Delta Zeta and Sigma Nu.

The runners up were Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Alpha.

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