Students share how they have been preparing for midterms

Shamaine Ware, Contributing Writer

Students on campus have been preparing for midterms for the last three weeks.

Jacob Myers, a junior majoring in criminal justice, said he had three midterms, and they were giving him anxiety.

“I’m scared about the questions (on the midterms). Are they going to match what was on the study guide?” Myers said.

He prepared for his midterms by studying in the library using study guides, and it took him several hours, sometimes spanning over sleepless nights, Myers said.

After all that hard studying, Mysers said he is done with his midterms this semester.

“I just took my last midterm for my law class. I was scared because it was all essay questions, so I had to really apply what I learned in class,” Myers said.

Now that he has finished all his midterms, he said he feels pretty good about them.

Aspen Fisher, a freshman majoring in pre-nursing, said she is really nervous about her midterms.

“College is nothing like high school, so the transition of the testing styles, how long (the tests) are and how in-depth they are is what (makes me nervous),” Fisher said.

She is in the library every day preparing for her upcoming midterms, Fisher said.

“I’m really stressed about the midterms because a lot depends on it,” Fisher said.

Fisher is most stressed about her biology exam, she said.

“I need a C or better in the class in order to get in the nursing program, so that is the class I stress about the most,” Fisher said.

Fisher is still studying and preparing to take her midterm exams, she said.

Samantha Garcia, a sophomore majoring in family and consumer sciences, said she has five midterms.

“I give myself two hours each day to study for each class,” Garcia said

She studies off campus with notecards, flash cards and a lot of group studies, but she is still stressed about midterms, Garcia said.

“I got certain classes that (have) more material and (need) more work than other classes, so it is more (stressful),” Garcia said.

Garcia is also worried about not passing the midterms, she said.

“I need these classes to move forward, so if I don’t pass them, it would make me a sophomore again next semester instead of a junior,” Garcia said.

Even though she is nervous, Garcia said she is determined to pass all of her midterms.

Rebecca McDaniel, a sophomore majoring in middle-level mathematics with an enhancement in elementary education, said she has two midterms.

McDaniel said she studies as much as she can every day.

“I just sit in my room with my headphones and read the (textbook),” McDaniel said.

She also has plenty of places she likes to study, McDaniel said.

“We have a lounge in Taylor Hall; we have a lobby, the basement and my room, but if (what I’m studying for) is really important, I go to the library,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel does not study for long periods of time because she said she is not nervous about her upcoming midterms.

“In total, I study for two hours a week, maybe 30 minutes a day,” McDaniel said.

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