All female country group excites crowd at Doudna 

Hannah Shillo, Entertainment Reporter

The crowd buzzed all night as Farewell Angelina performed on the stage in The Theatre at the Doudna Fine Arts Center Tuesday evening.

The all-female country group opened the show with “Baby” from their new album, “Women and Wine,” and showed off their talented voices from the very beginning with the harmonies they sang in each song.

Nicole Witt, Andrea Young, Lisa Torres and Ashley Gearing, the women who make up Farewell Angelina, were greeted by the loud and excited applause from the full audience in The Theatre.

After their opening song, Farewell Angelina began engaging with the crowd while playing the introduction to their next piece.

Torres and Gearing strummed the first chords of their guitars to begin the group’s cover medley of “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and “Roar” by Katy Perry, while Witt and Young played their fiddles.

Young, after the group played a few songs, told the crowd she is an Illinois native who was familiar with Eastern Illinois University prior to the show.

“This particular university threw out several of my friends after their first semester of college,” she said, trying to engage the crowd, “so, I know you guys can be a little bit loud and rowdy.”

Farewell Angelina then began playing songs from their new album, which they said would be available Friday.

Denise Wilhoit, of Charleston, invited her brother to attend the show with her because they both have an interest in country music.

“(Doudna) sent me an email, and I figured my brother would be interested in it as well,” she said.

Don Maulding, of Casey, Illinois, said he was interested in seeing Farewell Angelina with his sister, Wilhoit, because he likes fiddle music and thought the group would be entertaining.

Farewell Angelina played their song “American Fathers,” a song they said they wrote for their own fathers.

While introducing the song, they asked the veterans in the crowd to raise their hands, so the group could dedicate the song to them all.

Wilhoit and Maulding said that was their favorite part of the show, because it showed respect to the veterans.

While Farewell Angelina played many of their original songs, including some of their new songs that will be on their new album, they also covered plenty of songs to get the crowd to sing along.

In addition to their cover medley from the beginning of their set, they also played “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, and the crowd sang along.

After the intermission, the group told a story of their road trip to Charleston, stopping abruptly.

“Oh the stories we could tell,” Gearing said. “Instead, we’ll tell you with songs.”

And they did just that.

The crowd cheered on and on throughout the rest of the evening, showing Farewell Angelina how well their music impacted the audience.


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