Injuries, damages reported following central Ill. tornadoes

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor

Over 20 people were injured and an estimated 100 buildings damaged in Taylorville following a tornado that ripped through Christian County and the surrounding areas Saturday evening.

Tyler White, a freshman chemistry major, is from Taylorville and said his parents were fortunate to not have any damage to their home. White said he wasn’t worried about his parents’ safety after finding out they were driving home.

“I knew my parents wouldn’t drive into that storm, and if there was damage to their home I knew they had somewhere to go,” White said.

White said the tornado may not have only left a negative impact on his community.

“It was pretty bad, but I’ve seen lots of Facebook posts about people offering to clear trees and debris for free,” White said. “I think this has made the community come closer to help everyone affected by the tornado.”

As of 6:30 p.m. Sunday, over 900 Ameren customers were without power.

Governor Bruce Rauner activated the State Emergency Operations Center in Springfield, and it will remain activated as long as necessary.

Rauner visited Taylorville with Congressman Rodney Davis to meet with residents and first responders Sunday.

Rauner said he was there to thank all of the people who were helping in the town’s time of need.

“Illinois is such a wonderful place because of the way people come together to help each other,” Rauner said. “It’s incredible, the volunteers and those helping families recover from this devastation. “

Davis also spoke of his appreciation for those who responded to the town after the tornado hit.

“To see the Governor personally take the time to come and see what’s devastating my hometown, it really means a lot to this community,” Davis said. “This event is personal for me. These are my friends, these are my neighbors, these are the people that I grew up with and still live with.”

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