Tarble movie showing highlights women’s rights issues in Afghanistan

Malik Smith, Contributing Writer

The Tarble Arts Center held a showing for “The Breadwinner” on Tuesday. Released in November of 2017 and nominated for an Oscar in 2018, the movie gives an animated detail of the female perspective during the Taliban rule in 2001.

The film follows the main character named Parvana as she goes about her days living inside of her home because of a rule that forbids her from coming outside.

Since the early days in Afghanistan, women were to hide their faces, because of a belief that the face of women is a source of corruption, and Afghan women have always been under such a rule.

Eventually taking a chance to save her father, she cuts her hair to look like a young boy.

This movie not only touched on what is happening in Afghanistan, but also informed of the issues that surround women’s rights in that country. Some of these issues were widely displayed in the movie.

Junior Sandy Esparza, who was in attendance at the movie showing, said she wants more movie lovers to come and experience what Tarble has to offer.

“I wish more people would’ve have showed up, because this movie makes you think of the oppression of women, violence, and war,” Esparza said.

This animated movie also touched on details that are sometimes unknown to people in America.

“I never knew women were oppressed like that,” senior Tyler Johnson said. “ I couldn’t imagine not being able to even step outside without a male figure by your hip.”

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