Charleston City Council to vote on amending city code referencing ineligibility for liquor licenses

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor

The Charleston City Council will vote on amending the city code referencing ineligibility for a liquor license as well as six other action items at its Tuesday meeting.

The subsection the council will vote to change currently says, “No person, individually or as a partner or shareholder in any corporation, shall own any interest in more than three (3) licenses issued hereunder.”

Title III, Chapter 3, Section 4 lists the 18 reasons for why someone would be ineligible for a liquor license, and no other subsections will be voted on for changes.

A resolution obligating up to $25,000 of material expense for the Krishire Water Main and Sanitary Sewer Extension Project will also be voted on. The money will come from the Utility Department portion of the fiscal year 2019 budget that contains $25,000 for undetermined projects. According to the resolution, the IEPA requires the funding to be specifically identified before the city will be given a permit to began the proposed work.

Mayor Brandon Combs will also be making a proclamation to proclaim the week of Nov. 9-15, 2018 as International Education Week.

In the proclamation he says he “further (urges) the citizens of Charleston of Charleston and Eastern Illinois University to recognize the importance of international education and participate in events being held in observance of (International Education Week).”

Two raffle licenses will also be voted on, one for Phoenix Elite TNT Booster Club and the other for The Charleston Country Club.

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