Students have ‘Pops with the Cops’


Mercury Bowen | The Daily Eastern News

Ivan Escott (right), a sophomore marketing major, fist bumps Officer Samantha Berry from the University Police Department. “I love seeing that sort of stuff out here, especially on a college campus,” Escott said. “I love seeing support for the police.”

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

The University Board hosted “Pops with the Cops” Wednesday afternoon, where students had the opportunity to eat popsicles with officers from the University Police Department.

Tess McArthy, the University Board human potential coordinator, said the event is a chance for the University Police Department to meet and greet with the students as well as for the University Board to get safety tips out to the Eastern community.

“Overall I think it’s just a really good event to help promote safety,” McArthy said.

“We can’t take being the second safest college town in America for granted.”

Officer Samantha Berry has been an officer at the University Police Department for two years, and she said the Pops with the Cops program is a good program for students to develop better communication lines with the police officers.

“Just to be on this level, not pulling somebody over or getting somebody in trouble, is a nice way to communicate,” Berry said.

“If they have questions, it’s a non-threatening setting, so they can ask whatever question they want.”

Ben McBurney, a sophomore biology major, said he enjoyed the event and thinks the University Board should continue doing events like it.

“(Officer Berry) seems pretty cool, so I’m glad that she’s a cop here at Eastern,” McBurney said.

“And the popsicle was delicious, so I would say that it’s something we should continue doing, eating popsicles with cops.”

Kaitlyn Ebert, a senior political science and public relations major, said it is nice to meet the cops face to face and be able to talk with them on a different level.

“I’m a big supporter of the police,” Ebert said.

Ivan Escott, a sophomore marketing major, said he loved participating in the Pops with the Cops event.

“I love seeing that sort of stuff out here, especially on a college campus,” Escott said. “I love seeing support for the police.”

Escott said he tries to show his support for the police in his everyday life as well.

“I always try to get blue things if I can,” Escott said. “I have one of those black flags with a blue stripe running through it in my dorm, and I love it.”

Megan Walker, a junior history major, said the event had a good turnout.

“People just came in waves,” Walker said.

According to McArthy, past events similar to Pops with the Cops have also had good attendance.

“These little rush hour events where we get to stop by and talk to students are usually super popular,” McArthy said.

“If students get to learn something while we’re doing it then it’s even better.”

Because the event is annual, McArthy said the University Board decided to use the popsicle theme to create a twist that was new and fun.

“Last year we did lemonade with the cops,” McArthy said.

“Then a couple years before that we did ‘Cocoa with the Po Po.’”

According to McArthy, the University Police Department enjoyed the event as well.

“The (University Police Department) loves doing it every year,” McArthy said. “They love getting to know students in a non-threatening way and getting to get students excited about some free food and some safety tips.”

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