Search for interim deans conclude

Olivia Swenson-Hultz, Associate News Editor

The search for interim deans for the Colleges of Health and Human Services and The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has concluded with Jeanne Lord and Anita Shelton being selected to fill the positions.

Jeanne Lord will serve as the new interim dean of the College of Health and Human Services after eighteen years of experience working at Eastern. For eight years, Lord served as a professor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences and graduate coordinator of the Aging Studies Program, and served ten years as Associate Dean of the Lumpkin School of Business and Applied Sciences.

During her time at Eastern, Lord has developed three new centers, assisted with the writing and analyzing of program assessment plans and assisted with the development of writing Illinois Board of Higher Education program reviews and proposals, assisted in College and University-Wide accreditation, advancing undergraduate research, leading community outreach and fostering innovative interdisciplinary partnership, Jay Gatrell, The Vice President for Academic Affairs said in a email.

Lord is an alumnus of Eastern herself, graduating in 1984 and ‘86.

Anita Shelton, the current interim dean of The College Of Arts and Humanities, will be serving as the interim dean of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Shelton has previously worked in the history department as the Russian and East European specialist. This precedes serving two years in Eastern Europe on Fulbright and IREX fellowships.

Shelton has produced various articles and book reviews in addition to publishing books with East European Monographs and Northwestern University Press. In 1996, Shelton moved up to the position of the Chair of the History Department and in 2016 became the chair of The College of Arts and Humanities.

She attended The Jackson School of International Studies for her bachelors and masters degrees and then obtained a PHD in History at The University of Washington.

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