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City Council votes yes to extend TIF funds for The Body Club

Marry Ellen Greenburg, Contributing Writer

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Mary Ellen Greenburg
Jeff Lahr, Charleston City Council member, and Brandon Combs, Charleston City Mayor, discuss the agenda at the Tuesday night City Council meeting at City Hall. Combs and the rest of the City Council agreed to grant funding for local businesses to make repairs to their buildings.

Charleston City Council voted yes to extend the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds for The Body Club located at 618 Jackson Avenue in Charleston.

The additional funding was being requested to the City Council due to water damages dealt to the steel, discovered during the current improvements that were being made to the building.

“The money is there for when someone goes to do something on the square, they ask the council for TIF money and they put half the money up.” Brandon Combs, Charleston Mayor said.

“It’s to maintain these buildings on the square, otherwise they fall in or dilapidate. So, have been able to maintain our square through this TIF district and really helps out in keeping the buildings looking nice, and keeps historic downtown in good shape.” Combs said.

The Body Club was originally granted $5,488 on October 31, 2017 and was granted an extension for repairs for April 30, 2018. In order to receive the TIF funds, The Body Club had to put up half of the money as well, which makes the project cost a total of $10,976. The money was originally being asked for to replace five new windows, the brickwork and window lintels on the north side of the building.

The new amount is to help cover the cost of the brickwork, window lintels, and roof repair to prevent further water damage. With the new repairs that need to be made, the additional funding will increase the total needed to $20,431. This is an overall increase of the TIF fund requests to $9,455.

The Charleston City Council also voted to grant TIF funds to Fili’s Station located at 611 Monroe Avenue. Fili’s Station is requesting assistance for tuck pointing (brickwork) to areas of the south wall and the above the awning, as well as power washing and repainting to the north wall. The total cost of the work needed is $13,410.79. The City Council agreed that the TIF amount that will be received for those repairs total of $6,705.

The City Council also agreed that Pilson Auto Center of Charleston would provide the police department with three new vehicles, needed by the department. The department will receive these new vehicles at a cost of around $31,000. These vehicles will replace the current K-9 unit and two squad vehicles.

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City Council votes yes to extend TIF funds for The Body Club