Student Senate tables Apportionment Board bills

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

The Student Senate introduced two bills asking for additional allocation for student government and the University Board during its meeting Wednesday night.

In the first bill, the student government asked for an additional allocation of $8,363 from the Apportionment Board to help pay for the base, pad, brick work, labor and other materials for the recently approved Panther Statue.

The second was for the University Board and asked for an additional allocation of $13,600 to pay for the PantherStock event that takes place before the spring concert, purchase a new lighting board for the UB productions committee, clean the tents the UB uses and replace the ropes used to hold down those tents.

The additional allocations come from the Apportionment Board’s reserve fund, which is currently sitting at $117,543.19.

Zac Cohen, the student vice president of student affairs, said the reserve fund is made up of student activity fee money that was left over from the student government, UB and student recreation center budgets over the years.

The funds in both bills have already been approved by the Apportionment Board. However, Cohen said Senate approval is needed because it is the “next step” in the bill process.

Both bills were tabled for the next Student Senate meeting on March 7, where senate members will discuss the bills, ask questions and take a vote.

Cohen said he felt a sense of accomplishment when the Apportionment Board approved the additional funds for the Panther Statue expenses.

“(The student government) made it over another hurdle and onto the path for a new panther,” he said.

Young said current senators who were appointed during this semester need to run as well.

Young asked senators to “represent their school well” throughout the weekend since there is an Admitted Student Day on Saturday.

“Unofficial,” a student-run holiday, is also on Saturday.

“We all know what’s coming up this weekend,” Young said. “Please, please, please represent the school well. We’ve had good numbers with our Open Houses and our Admitted Student Days, we’ve had good weather and overall positive feedback, so let’s not let this one be the one that doesn’t get all of those things.”

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