Remember this weekend

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

Like seeing an old friend after a long while, Homecoming is welcomed on campus with open arms.

Every time I think of the fun that comes with the incredible weekend, I cannot help but take a deep breath, close my eyes then smile when I let it out.

It is an exciting time on campus because everything is buzzing and everyone is so full of pure and invigorating energy.

It seems like everyone on campus is so itching with anticipation that they cannot hold in all their excitement, plus everyone is just a little happier.

There is this pep in everyone’s step and a lasting, genuine smile on their faces, and I just know it has to do with Homecoming because it is the one thing that everyone can celebrate and participate in.

There is no need to be in a fraternity or sorority or even a Registered Student Organization to embrace the full energy that is partnered with Homecoming weekend.

I suppose that is why I enjoy it so much. It gives my friends and myself a reason to go out or throw a small party (partially because I cannot legally fit more than 6 people in my humble abode.) However, though Homecoming brings a promising weekend filled with excitement and wonder, many of my peers share stories about not being able to remember it.

If there is this much excitement building up before the actual weekend, then why would we want to drink so much that we forget the weekend we waited so long to experience?

Of course, I am not saying we should not drink, but what I am asking is why is there a need to chug beer after beer until we forget how to stand or use the bathroom properly.

There is no point.

Homecoming should be fun and should be celebrated the best way college kids know how, but it is also worth remembering.

This weekend holds the opportunity to create memories that we will tell our children only when they turn 18, and it is those memories that will continue to make life worth living.

What good will it be for us if we deprive ourselves of this opportunity because we want to see how much we can drink before the world starts to spin?

Enjoy time with friends this Homecoming and enjoy your youth and college, especially this weekend, because before we know it will be gone and we will be in the “real world” wishing to be back on campus.

Drink responsibly this weekend, and remember to be safe and look out for those around you. Savor these times and please, do remember them.


Analicia Haynes is a junior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]