Homecoming Court elections begin

Staff Report

Online elections for 2017 Homecoming royalty are now open. All currently enrolled Eastern students may log in to Panthermail to cast their vote. Each student is only allowed to vote once.

Nominees for Homecoming King are Collin Dobnikar, representing Sigma Phi Epsilon, Matt Evans, representing Sigma Nu, Austin Kilgore, representing Phi Kappa Theta, Carl Winton, representing the NAACP, Luke Young, representing student government, Malcolm Simmons representing Sigma Pi, Michael Mullaney, representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alex Martin, representing Weller Hall, Andrew Goldstein, representing Sigma Chi and Dalton Davison, representing Delta Chi.

Nominees for Homecoming Queen are Allison Oates, representing Lincoln Hall, Kinsey Campbell, representing Alpha Phi, Rebecca Cash, representing student government, Sam Gilbert, representing Ford Hall, Brittany Phelps, representing Sigma Sigma Sigma, Jenny Reid, representing Alpha Gamma Delta, Paige Darnell representing Kappa Delta, Jenna Rossi, representing Delta Zeta, Lindsay Spitz, representing Alpha Sigma Alpha, Christina Calcagno, representing Delta Delta Delta, Chloe St. Pierre, representing Alpha Sigma Tau, Lacey Viano, representing Epsilon Sigma Alpha and Angel DeZutter, representing Sigma Kappa.

Homecoming Prince Nominees are Sabian Boyd, representing Delta Chi, Patrick Callahan, representing Pi Kappa Alpha, Zachary Johnson, representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anthony Talley, representing Sigma Phi Epsilon, Will Outzen, representing student government and Jonathan Bullock, representing Sigma Chi.

Homecoming Princess Nominees are Anastasiya Vynnytska, representing Alpha Sigma Tau, Brianna Walker, representing Alpha Sigma Alpha, Leslie Drueke, representing Alpha Gamma Delta, Deb Kistner, representing Alpha Phi, Lexi Grindley, representing Delta Zeta, Paige Olsby, representing Kappa Delta, Tiah Zastrow representing Sigma Sigma Sigma, Casey Fitzwater, representing Delta Delta Delta, Stephanie Beltran, representing the Latin American student organization and Claude Abdoulaye-Pedila, representing student government.

Voting is now open until 8 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 5.

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