Faculty Senate to see proposal to rename Douglas Hall

Staff Report

The Faculty Senate will review a proposal to consider renaming Douglas Hall, submitted by Professor Chris Hanlon, a former Eastern professor who now teachers at Arizona State University, at its meeting Tuesday.

The renaming proposal discussion will include a teleconference with Hanlon, followed by senate discussion.

Hanlon said in his email to the Senate that he made this proposal because Stephen Douglas, who the Douglas Residence Hall is named after, “built his political career upon a platform advocating for the extension of slavery into the western territories of the United States, while consistently relying upon inflammatory and racist rhetoric in order to excite the support of pro-slavery Americans.”

Faculty-Student Relations Committee, Faculty-Staff Relations Committee, Awards Committee, Faculty Forum Committee, Budget Transparency Committee, Ad hoc Committee on Extracurricular Athletics and Ad hoc Committee for the Review of Workgroup 7 Recommendations will give reports.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Board Report for 2016-2017 is set to be discussed as well.

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