Workgroup 4 plans to prioritize recommendations

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

Workgroup No. 4, which is charged with making recommendations for intercollegiate athletics, discussed its next steps regarding the feedback from their preliminary recommendations at its Thursday meeting.

They also began the process of creating a list compiled of only the group’s preliminary recommendations.

Tami Babbs, assistant comptroller, said she and student member Kelsie Abolt will write up the list of recommendations Eastern President David Glassman asked all workgroups to make during a meeting of the full Task Force Wednesday.

Babbs said the group’s recommendations could be clearer and began a rough draft for her and Abolt to go off of to get their recommendations more concise.

Babbs said when making the list, they will prioritize the recommendations, listing them from most important to the least important.

“We’ll work on that list and then get back together…so we can start prioritizing,” she said.

Babbs suggested the members of the Workgroup take a second look at the recommendations they originally worked on following the feedback they received from affected areas on campus.

“I didn’t know if certain people would take that area and see what we thought about it, how we will write it,” she said. “Some consideration needs to be done.”

Chemistry professor Dan Sheeran said he will work on recasting his original recommendations in a way that is more general as opposed to a specific response.

Sheeran told the group that perhaps there would be a way to modify the feedback and whether to be specific or general.

Sheeran said looking at an outside perspective is going to be useful.

Babbs said members could add in new recommendations if they needed to.

Kevin Linker, program director of intramural sports, said he does not think they need to add more recommendations but did say athletic director Tom Michael will take them back to his staff and ask for their input.

Babbs said she thinks Michael might have just shared recommendations he wanted to share without showing the specifics.

“I will talk to him about that and see, but if we do add any new ones it would not come back to us,” Babbs said.

She said if the group needed to meet after looking at the feedback and working on the list, they could meet Thursday Dec. 8; however she asked members to let her know before then whether it would be necessary to meet.

The final recommendations are due Thursday, Dec. 15 and will be made public on the Task Force website in January.


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