CAA to vote on new biological sciences course

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on adding a new biological sciences class during their meeting 3 p.m. Thursday in Room 4440 of the Booth Library.

The course is called Clinical Rotation and focuses on the hands-on experience needed to get into medical school.

Students enrolled would need to take three clinical hours a week and meet with a professor three times a week to talk about how the course and the required rotations are going.

The CAA will also add five new items to their agenda for their next meeting after Thanksgiving break, including a proposal change for the group’s bylaws.

These proposed changes would potentially see the CAA shrink from nine to eight members and drop from three to one student members. Their quorum will shrink from eight to six members.

One of the other items to be added is a change to some rules about high school concurrent enrollment.

The proposed changes are to the language of the rule that changes the year a student can start high school concurrent enrollment from their junior to sophomore year.

The student must also have at least a 3.0 grade-point average and the students are limited to seven semester hours for each semester of dual enrollment.

The political science department is proposing some changes to its political science major.

They want to remove Introduction to Research Methods as a course required for the major, limit students taking the Legal Research and Argument class, and allow for more use of independent study credits.

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