Student senate discusses being politically active

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

The Student Senate discussed an initiative to get the Monetary Award Program Grants funded and about sending out letters to legislators about the budget.

Student Body President Catie Witt talked about a group who reached out to her to get students involved in trying to get a budget passed in Illinois.

The group is called LOL Illinois and is urging students to share their experiences about going to school in a state with no budget so the state leaders hear the students.

The group wants people to get involved by either sending a letter to the student’s legislator, emailing the group directly with their story or tagging the group in a post about their experiences.

“They basically take these stories and will share them with other students, faculty, and administrators throughout the state,” Witt said.

Executive Vice President Maralea Negron explained what her job entails and how she is part of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and what she and the organization does.

“They are pretty much the institution that runs higher education in Illinois,” Negron said.

She also talked about the Illinois Board of Higher Education Student Advisory Committee.

The IBHESAC’s first meeting was held at Illinois State University, and Negron talked about committees she is part of.

One of them is the finance committee, who are currently focusing on mass transit on college campuses.

Negron said she came back from the meeting with a plan that will be implemented state wide to help raise awareness about MAP Grant funding.

MAP Grants are for students who attend Illinois schools and show they have financial need in order to attend the university they want.

The plan is for students to call their legislatures and read a script to them about why MAP Grant funding is important. The script will be given to the student and laptops will be borrowed from the Gregg Technology Center and will be held in Coleman Hall.

“We are going to try and keep a tally, but there is no designated number,” Negron said.

Luke Young, student vice president of academic affairs, said the next “Prowlin’ with the Prez” is set.

It is called “Presents with the Prez” and will take place Nov. 28 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Bridge Lounge of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union and will have hot chocolate and cookies.

As far as the grade appeal pamphlets go, he said he is aiming to have them in every academic folder for the incoming students, so they know what grade appeals are, the process for going about one and when to pursue one and when not to.

The academic committee came up with events for the week before finals week as a stress reliever.

Events include “Motivated for Finals,” where candy and positive messages are handed out to students, and “Panther Scream,” where students vent their frustrations out over the upcoming week.

The Student Senate has announced its last meeting of the semester, and Speaker Hailey Tellier said it will take place Dec. 7, and they will vote on a new speaker during that meeting as well.

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