AP service returns for reader benefit

Staff Report

The Daily Eastern News announced the return of the Associated Press service Sunday night.

This service will help The Daily Eastern News staff include relevant state and local news in the newspaper, Editor-in-Chief Kalyn Hayslett said.

“I believe it is crucial to resurrect this service, especially with the upcoming presidential election and with the current state budget crisis,” Hayslett said.

Readers will be able to read a range of content from short digest stories to full-length stories. The AP stories will be found on page six in this issue; however, the stories are going to be featured on page two for the rest of the year.

“As a staff we will use news judgment when deciding which AP stories that will be published,” Hayslett said.

Hayslett said The Daily Eastern News staff promises to use journalistic standards when using the AP service by clearly attributing the appropriate byline and consistently placing the stories in a central place.

She added that the use of AP service will not only benefit the readers but will give the staff a chance to develop a skill that most employers expect.

“My hope is that this service will help prepare my staff for future professional journalism positions,” Hayslett said. “Students will practice news judgment, critical thinking and copy-editing skills and help develop a better understanding of the world around them.”

Reporters will use the AP service to complement its local news coverage.

“The service will not become a crutch or space-filler, but it will help the staff focus its attention on the local connections that are attached to the AP stories,” Hayslett said.

The service will also help The Daily Eastern News offer the same kind of coverage other local newspapers provide.

The Daily Eastern News will continue its legacy of ‘telling the truth and not being afraid’ while giving students a place to practice journalistic standards,” Hayslett said.