Benefits office reopens after shortage in staff

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

The benefits office closed unexpectedly last Thursday and Friday due to a sudden shortage in staff.

The office, run by two people, is located on the second story of Old Main next to the payroll office and is in charge of benefits for all university employees and deals with a multitude of issues.

Some of these issues include insurance options, selection ranging from health, life and dental options up to long term disability insurance.

The benefits office also works with people on leave, retirement and tuition waivers. They also offer group insurance orientations in an effort to better explain benefits to new employees of the university.

Linda Holloway, the interim director of business services, is in charge of the benefits office and other facets of the human resources department.

She said the benefits office used to have four employees on staff but due to last year’s budget crisis, it forced layoffs and resignations, which cut the staff in half.

Holloway said the office was closed due to staffing, with one person taking a scheduled vacation, and another having to take off due to personal reasons.

“One of the employees returned early to work today, so the office was only closed Thursday and Friday,” Holloway said.

Holloway said the whole situation was a unique one.

“There are occasions we are closed for a day for a conference or something, but this is very rare. It is very rare that we are closed two days in a row,” Holloway said.

Holloway said she wants to at least hire one person to fill one of the vacancies in the benefits office. She said she plans to hire again once a full budget is in place.

“Every office has really taken a hit. So we have lost people in every area. There is no one that has not been impacted by the budget,” Holloway said.


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