CAA adds agenda items

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

The Council of Academic Affairs looked over reports sent to them during the summer, and put two course proposals on their agenda to be discussed Thursday.

This was the CAA’s first meeting of the semester.

The committee examined reports given to them by the various colleges around the university. These reports cover everything from allowing credit from courses available at other universities to transfer over and be accepted at Eastern to allowing other classes to count as prerequisites for other classes.

CAA chair Marita Gronnvoll said the reports are mainly for the committee to see what is going on with the different colleges.

“Most of the reports were on academic waivers,” Gronnvoll said.

Two items from the psychology department were added to next week’s agenda.

The CAA will look over the proposals, and if it has any questions, it will direct them to the psychology representative.

The two classes that will be voted on are the Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making and Neuropsychopharmacology.

Judgment and Decision Making will focus on how the brain makes good and bad decisions. Neuropsychopharmacology will be about how neurons work in the brain and how different types of drugs affect the brain.

Other topics of discussion included the ongoing plan for the University Learning Goals, the possible dropping of a course revision for Consumers in the Marketplace, and a pending executive action to separate FCS 3300 and CTE 3000, and delete 3000 from the course catalog.

The CAA meets at 2 p.m. Thursdays.

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