The Agency to host ‘Greatest Show on Earth’

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

The Agency will be hosting “The Greatest Show on Earth” at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Great Hall of Pemberton Residence Hall.

An annual talent show with a circus twist, members from The Agency planned for the big event all semester and raised funds to cover the show by selling clothes for $1.

They will then donate the money they raised at the show to The Salvation Army.

Ashley Jordan and Alexandrea Stickel, the campaign managers for the talent show, said the purpose of the talent show is to gain awareness for The Salvation Army, what they do and how the community can lend a helping hand.

“I have visited The Salvation Army location in Mattoon a couple times and each time I am there it has touched my heart in different ways,” Jordan said. “I don’t think Eastern students realize what The Salvation Army really does, and that’s why this talent show is put on, so everyone can gain insight.”

Stickel said she has been helping out in the event for three years and the event is important to her.

“Our main goal is to give as much as we can to The Salvation Army but also to make the talent show bigger and better every year,” Stickel said. “It brings me joy being able to donate canned goods, clothes from the clothing sale and the money donations.”

Megan Ivey, the director of The Agency, said they also use the talent show to develop public relations and event planning skills.

“It is significant to me because I am getting real world experience for something I want to do in the future,” Ivey said. “I’ve learned that it takes a lot more to organize an event than one might think and every detail is carefully thought about.”

This year, Ivey said the show would consist of an assortment of acts including a performance from Eastern Illinois University Line Dancing and the Eastern Euphonics as well as some poetry readings.

“I think it is important to bridge the community and the campus,” Ivey said. “Charleston and Mattoon is our home for a majority of the year and this event helps our community.”

After the show, audience members can vote on their favorite act through an online survey.

Stickel said this year they brought in food and drinks, many decorations, a first, second, third and fan favorite prize along with six small prizes for the audience.

The Agency will be accepting monetary and canned good donations at the show as well.

“Personally, I want Eastern students to attend the talent show, have fun, donate to a community organization, and be aware of their duties within the community,” Jordan said.


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