Senators to discuss bylaw change and bill, hear unofficial election results

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

Student senators will discuss a bylaw change and a proposed bill at their meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Arcola-Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The bylaw change will be presented by the student external relations committee and is authored by Katie St. John, the committee chair, and senator Luke Young.

According to the bylaw’s rationale, the changes are required to make sure the committee chair is aware of their several responsibilities as well as clear up any confusion in regards to the Charleston Town Hall meetings and continuing communication with the Charleston High School students.

The change requires senators on the committee to collaborate with the Charleston High School students on one project throughout the semester.

“The reason for the majority of the changes is because the committee does not need to be comprised of non-voting members as we do not vote on much in our committee, rather plan different events that include the Charleston and Eastern community,” according to the rationale.

The changes also call for the elimination of several members who are not needed in the committee.

In the original bylaw, the committee is supposed to be composed of a minimum of two non-student senate members, faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate and Charleston City Council members.

There should also be one member from the Charleston Chamber of Commerce and one faculty member chosen by the chair through an application process, according to the original bylaw.

The proposed changes will also eliminate the non-voting ex officio members, such as the mayor of Charleston and instead request a minimum of two Student Senate members to be on the committee.

With the changes, senators will be able to serve a term of one academic semester as opposed to a full year on the committee and establish communication with members of the Charleston City Council by attending the bi-weekly Charleston Town Hall meetings.

The student university enhancement committee will propose a bill that calls for the purchase of four recycling lids.

The committee requests the release of $430 from the student government budget.

According to the rationale of the bill, several recycling cans on campus have lids that are too small to fit larger plastic cups and other things that can be recycled.

“The University Enhancement committee, along with the help of the former campus sustainability coordinator, has determined that four new lids can help address this issue at the four receptacles in between Coleman, Lumpkin and Khelm halls,” according to the rationale.

The lids will be ordered from Pilot Rock, the company that supplied the current cans and lids on campus.

“The new lids would have a much bugger opening and allow the ease of use in these high traffic areas,” according to the rationale.

Senators will discuss the bylaw change and bill at Wednesday’s meeting and vote on it at next week’s meeting.

The Student Senate will hear the unofficial election results as well vote on approving the Cricket Club at Eastern Illinois University and Alpha Psi Lambda as registered student organizations.

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