Column: Edgy humor is not funny

Mace Mackiewicz, Staff Reporter

Recently some comedians have started to say they won’t do shows anymore at universities.

Comedians have started to blame “political correctness” for their jokes falling flat or people not finding stale jokes funny anymore.

I propose it could be a very different reason that people aren’t laughing at these stand-up comedians’ jokes. It’s quite simple really.

Maybe it’s just that they’re not funny?

I don’t understand how someone could blame everyone else but themselves for people not laughing at their jokes anymore.

People’s taste in comedy changes over the years, and individual tastes in comedy is vastly different from person to person.

For a while, edgy jokes made people laugh because of how shocked they were that someone would say something so “shocking.”

People don’t laugh at jokes about how annoying your wife is anymore.

People don’t want to hear your “ironically” racist jokes or at least not as many people are laughing at them.

The idea of someone being gay is no longer a punch line.

Comedians need to evolve with the times. Sure they can survive for a while on our parents and grandparents who still think their stale comedy is funny, but when that group stops being able to go to their shows, they’re going to have to say hello to the 21st century.

Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, who in their heyday were at the forefront of comedy, can’t seem to comprehend that in 2016 the jokes they were using decades ago aren’t going to hit the mark anymore.

Instead of modernizing their comedy, they decide to blame “political correctness.”

It’s not just comedians who blame political correctness on why people don’t like what they have to say.

I’ve seen people online make transphobic remarks and when they get called out on it, they blame political correctness for people questioning their remarks.

Society is progressing and starting to leave old ideas behind.

Your “ironic” racist and sexist remarks are no longer giggled at because people are more mature than they were years ago.

There will always be people who think super edgy humor is funny.

Most of these people are high schoolers who will eventually grow out of that kind of humor.

Eventually we all grow up. People like Dane Cook and Jeff Dunham aren’t funny to us anymore.

You can say and believe whatever you want but don’t blame “political correctness” when people respond back against remarks you make that they don’t like.

That is an important part of the freedom of speech these type of people scream about when they can’t get away with saying anything with no consequence.

Mace Mackiewicz is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].