Potential students visit campus

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly listed Tom Glenn as admissions director. He is associate director of admissions. Kara Hadley-Shakya is the interim director of admissions. The News regrets the error.


Potential students wandered the campus Monday afternoon at the first Admitted Student Day of the semester, catching a glimpse of what their future could hold.

Admitted Student Day is an opportunity for prospective students to visit Eastern and get a feel for the campus.

Thomas Glenn, associate admissions director, said this day is a way for students to find their right fit.

“We always recommend (they) visit the school,” Glenn said.

Glenn said the main focus in the spring is centering all resources on the yield period, which is the time where high school seniors applied and were accepted into several universities and have to choose the one they want.

“Open Houses are in the fall and summer,” Glenn said. “In the spring we focus our resources on yield.”

Tyler Brossard, visiting from Schaumburg High School, said he loved his visit to Eastern.

“It’s not too big and not too small,” Brossard said. “It’s a good way to get the feel of everything.”

Brossard, who plans on majoring in elementary education, said he is choosing between attending Eastern and Illinois State University.

Brossard said he is leaning toward Eastern because he does not want to go to a school where he knows most of the people.

Hannah Brickey, from Seneca High School and her mom Ginger Brickey bonded as they walked by several booths in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Ballroom.

Brickey said after visiting Eastern several times, it began to feel like home.

“I thought that idea was really dorky at first because everyone always tells you to find the place that feels like home,” Brickey said. “But it was the one school that actually felt most like home.”

Coming from a small town and graduating with a small class, Brickey said she did not want to go from a small town setting to a bigger campus setting.

Brickey is aspiring to be a high school English teacher and said she wants to come to Eastern because it is smaller and seems nice.

Ginger Brickey said by choosing Eastern, she feels confident that her daughter will be safe.

“I like it,” Brickey said. “But it’s kind of overwhelming.”

Katrina Thompson and Kacie Cachera met through RoomSync, software that pairs potential roommates together.

They shared laughs and plans as they charted out their first semester as future roommates.

Cachera, from Nokomis High School, said she wants to come to Eastern because her dad and her neighbor went to the university.

Cachera jokingly said another reason she wants to attend Eastern is because she has a black cat that is a perfect panther mascot.

“It’s a really good school,” Cachera said. “It’s a chance to explore.”

Thompson said she loves everything about the campus and is looking forward to experiencing living on her own.

Thompson, from Greenville High School in Michigan, came to Eastern for a tour and said she fell in love the moment she saw the campus.

Thompson said she wants to major in early childhood education and is excited about the program.

Cachera and Thompson said they were excited to come to Eastern in the fall.

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