Vegas comes to EIU in lip syncing competition

Cheyenne Fitzgerald, Staff Reporter

The Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Jr University Union hosted the University Board event “Vegas”, a lip synching competition on Saturday.

The event started at 6 p.m. and went on all the way until 8 p.m.

The competition included performances by Eastern’s students. The students both personalized and mimicked original music videos to specific songs.

Some groups chose to have one person lip-sync while the remaining group members were back up dancers while others chose to do a more skit like performance while lip-syncing the words to songs.

Six groups participated who lip-synced songs from different artists like Future, Beyoncé, Bryson Tiller, Hot Stylz, and R. Kelly.

Specific songs that were performed were “Lookin’ Boy,” “Contagious,” and “Exchange.”

EIU’s Idiotic Jive Chapter 2 dance team was one of the competitors over the weekend.

Their performance included Future songs such as Turn on the Lights, Tony Montana, and Lay Up.

Senior dance team president Jacqueline Osinaike said the team practiced Monday through Thursday from 8p.m to 11:30 p.m. for about a month and a half preparing for their dance.

The dance team consists of four women who have been dancing together for five years.

Osinaike said the if their performance was to have won the cash prize the money would have gone towards getting t-shirts for their upcoming shows.

The dance team tries to get two shirts a year, one for each semester of the year, for performances.

The team ended up getting third place for the night falling behind the Isley brothers and the R. Kelly performance that won first place.

The R.Kelly performance won a cash prize.

They performed the song Contagious in a skit-like form, mimicking the official music video for the song

Though finishing in third place the Idiotic Jive Chapter 2 dance team said they were proud of their performance and will be looking forward now to their try-outs coming up within the first few weeks of second semester.

The dance team will also be looking for students interested in joining them during the spring semester.

The Vegas event also kept things going with a modeling competition during their intermission.

The hosts called six people from the crowd up to the stage to do their best cat walk up and down the stage.

The audience got involved by voting through cheering and clapping for each participant.

The winners of the modeling contest were the duet named “Coats n timbs.”

The modeling experience didn’t end there. EIU’s own Couture group did a performance while the texting polls were open for second and third place voting.

Second and third place was to be decided by the audience through a texting poll by texting the group to the number provided on the screen in the ballroom.

Their performance included a dance to DLOW’s Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me Challenge before they worked the runway.

Each person added their own individuality during their runway walk while the judges worked to agree on a first place winner.


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