New senators announced at student senate

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

The new senators for the next semester were announced and budget allocation proposals were given at the student senate meeting Wednesday.

Shirmeen Ahmad, student body president, said they were all voted in and a part of the student senate.

Different areas gave their budget allocation proposals.

Courtney Sage, student vice president for academic affairs, said these groups presented at the Apportionment Board meeting.

The Apportionment Board is working with $75,000.

Sarah Daugherty, program director for the student recreation gave the proposal for the student recreation center budget, which included a request for new software, a new powermill machine, and a replacement rower. This all came to a total of $18,349.

Tylen Elliott, university board chair, presented The University Board budget proposal as well.

Elliott said the UB wanted money for “Pantherstock,” an event that the UB wants to have that will include a hypnotist, food and drinks, airbrush artists, free t-shirts and more.

“It’s pretty similar to the Up All night that happens every year,” Elliott said.

The UB proposed $16,000 to fund the event.

The student government asked for money as well, to fund the It’s on US campaign, prowling with the prez events, and a new software program called OrgSync.

OrgSync is a website that will create more communication between Registered Student Organizations and the campus.

The student government asked for a total of $24,086.40, which included $20,000 for OrgSync.

$17,000 will be spent on the website itself and $3,000 is planned for marketing the website to students when it becomes available.

Maralea Negron, the student speaker of the senate, gave her state of the senate address.

Negron said the purpose of this is reflecting on the senate accomplishments and areas they need to improve.

She said although they struggled with a high turnover rate, they still accomplished a lot.

“I want you to keep your positive energy up, keep your drive up,” Negron said.

Negron said the upcoming second semester might be a little hard, and some struggle with attendance during it.

Negron encouraged senators to speak up if they disagreed with or had questions about what happened in senate.

“Communication is key to any organization,” Negron said.

Resolution 15-16-03, which asked student senate to participate in the “Adopt a block” program, which is when organizations choose a block in Charleston to keep clean, was passed at the meeting.

The resolution was submitted by university enhancement chair Ariannah Lambert.

“Student senators should get involved, we are the voice of the students,” Lambert said. “We should be helping.”
Catie Witt, executive vice president of the student senate, said it was a good idea, and she had a good experience when she adopted a block with her sorority.

“It took 45 minutes to one hour because we had fun with it,” Witt said.


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