Column: Make Choices For Your Best Interest

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

From the moment we were able to roll over and burp we were instructed that we had the opportunity to make our own choices or for the less fortunate we had no choice but to make our own choices

Those choices came in instances such as “do you want the green one or the red one dear” or “go ahead, throw that crayon at your sister and see what happens.”

Regardless of how the opportunity to choose first appeared in your overly dramatized life, what we weren’t taught as drooling, hyperactive toddlers is what it truly means to have freedom of choice.

Life is all but a play and we have the honor of being the director and the luxury of being casted as the lead for our own individualized scripts. It’s a unique sort of play that unfolds as the individual grows and consumes experience points.

Our choices, as we were told, give way to our future implications in society and oddly enough represent the plot in our plays.

However, our choices are not predetermined. They are made along the way and are based on a current situation that happens to confront us like a truant officer during an interrogation.

At any given moment we have the choice to say yes, say no, yell at our professor, show up to class, or even put on clothes. We also have the choice to listen and learn which is a choice that very few of us make.

Therefore, freedom of choice is being able to make your own decisions based on what you deem is appropriate for your own good.

Though our choices differ from one another day in and day out, we all have to suffer the consequences whether good or downright revolting.

Thus our quaint plays suddenly went from a sesame street episode to a Shakespearean, hair pulling and tear jerking drama.

I’ve always been told, “you reap what you sow.” In other words whatever dumb or brilliant thing you did or didn’t do will come back around and you have to own up to it.

When you make these choices, you do so not only for your own interest but based on the influences (positive and negative) that engulf your everyday life. You filter out what the best option is and that becomes your choice.

Granted, there’s a trial and error test run during our teen years when we make choices because our friends thought it was cool but I digress.

Yet, lately it seems evident that this freedom has been jumped, beaten up, muffled and tossed into the bed of a beat up pickup and left as a snack for the deformed, mutant people that dwell in woods.

This freedom of choice has evolved into more of a freedom to choose not to think with common sense and revert back to the teen years that were plagued with peer-pressured choices.

It seems like this generation is willing to go along with whatever power in charge has to say whether that be the government or the popular crowd.

For Pete’s sake think for yourself! Though your life may be casted in a play, you are your own puppeteer. Don’t give someone else the strings to control you. Choose to take control and question those who are trying to make choices for you.


Analicia Haynes is a freshman journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]