University Board Mainstage to have Poetry Open Mic

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The University Board is hosting the first open mic session of the semester from 7 to 9 p.m. in 7th Street Underground as part of UB Mainstage.

Patrick Davis, the UB mainstage coordinator, said students will not only sit back and enjoy the show, but even have an opportunity to participate in it as well.

Davis said word about the event has spread widely among the students

“Promotion has been amazing, great social media feedback so far and the buzz around, it has been really good,” Davis said. “Students will have the opportunity to perform and/or sit back and enjoy the show.”

Davis said there would be refreshments and giveaways during the two-hour event.

“There will be several giveaways throughout the evening, and hot chocolate will be served for those who like a little ‘extra flavor’ with their poetry,” Davis said.

Davis said students would have an opportunity to sign up to perform some of their written work at the event.

“There will be a sign-up sheet at the event for students to sign up,” Davis said. “There are and will be no limitations on what an individual would like to perform, self expression is the best.”

While any number students can and are encouraged to sign up for the poetry event, there will be a limit as to how many pieces a student can perform.

“As of now, students can do one piece,” Davis said. “Depending on the number of sign-ups, there may be opportunity for an additional piece.”

Davis said he believes he will have a good students turnout for the open mic event compare to the previous mainstage event back in September.

“I predict it being no less than that,” Davis said. “(The event could have) double, possibly triple, the turn out from the previous University Board Mainstage event.”

Davis said he hopes his event will compare better than some events UB has already had this semester.

“This event will be bigger and better,” Davis said. “In fact, that’s my objective for every event, make it better than the last.”

While this event does not have a theme involved with it, Davis said the next event would have a theme.


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