UB to bring YouTube music act to Eastern

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The University Board mainstage committee is hosting The Icarus Account, a musical duo, as part of their UB mainstage YouTube series starting Thursday at 7 p.m. at 7th Street Underground.

Patrick Davis, the University Board mainstage coordinator, is new to the position and said the night was set prior to his becoming coordinator.

“To my knowledge, they have just kind of scrapped YouTube, looking for YouTube hits,” Davis said.

She said they were looking into popular music acts on YouTube, and they came across The Icarus Account and managed to book them for this event.

“It’s been tons of marketing and promoting and stuff like that to make sure we get a solid crowd to the event tomorrow,” Davis said.

The event will be Davis’ first mainstage event as the committee coordinator, and he said he is ready to get started.

“I’m pretty excited. I actually had a chance to sample some of their music, and they are actually a real good band,” Davis said. “You know how sometimes you’ll be in position where the talent is ‘ok that’s random’, but I actually like the music and I’m probably going to become a fan of theirs.”

Davis said he cannot wait to see them perform live during Thursday’s show.

“I’m pretty excited to actually meet them and see them live on top of kind of getting through in the fire of the event,” Davis said. “(There’s) the planning, the set up, the production, the lightning all of the sound. (I’m) pretty anxious.”

The Icarus Account has been around on YouTube for more than three years, and has over 32,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel.

Davis said to his knowledge, UB has promoted the event for the past two weeks, consisting of their usual pluggers such as posters and hand flyers.

“It’s been a solid two weeks,” Davis said. “It takes a lot going into it. You have the marketing, and you have the graphics.”

Davis said there has to be a design submitted to be approved and then it is made flyer appropriate.

“From the buzz I’ve been hearing, honestly, I wouldn’t even know how to gauge it in terms of number wise,” Davis said. “I am expecting a decent turnout, I would say anywhere of 70 upwards and that’s just a minimum.”

Davis said he hopes to get a crowd of at least 100 people for the event tomorrow.

The Icarus Account will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday in the 7th Street Underground, and will feature giveaways and refreshments.


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