CAA to vote on theater course

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will be voting on revisions and updates to multiple courses as well as revising a theater honors course Thursday.

The proposal revisions come from Harold Ornes, the dean of the College of Sciences, asking the members of the council to consider revising the following courses: PLS 4600: Political Science Capstone, SOC 3630: Statistical Analysis of Social Data, CHM 3450: Biochemistry 1, PSY 4265: Methods in Behaviors Management, and six other courses.

According to a memo from Ornes, the proposed change for PLS 4600 requests students complete three courses including PLS 2103, PLS 2253G/PLS 2293G, PLS 1003, PLS 2703 and the course would be limited to political science majors with a international studies concentration or civic and nonprofit leadership concentration.

The other memos from Ornes all request revisions and updates to the courses description and prerequisites

The council will be acting up a proposal to revise THA 2190G: Introduction to the Theatre. According to the proposal rationale, the course serves as an introduction class into theater arts and it is designed to serve as a general education course. Other than the executive actions and the theater course proposal, the council will look at five items to discuss at a later date.

The five items that will be acted upon during the next CAA meeting include MIS 4820: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, BUS 2102: Managerial Accounting, BUS 2750: Legal and Social Environment of Business, a new rural studies minor, and revising the current requirements to the psychology honors program.

The Council on Academic Affair will meet at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Conference Room of Booth Library.

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