Campus ministry to pray for 147 Christian victims

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Students from ACTS Campus Ministry will show their support for those killed at Garrison University in Kenya by hosting a “Prayer Vigil” at 7 p.m. Sunday in Coleman Hall Auditorium.

On April 1, a total of 147 students at the university in Kenya were killed because of their Christian beliefs.

Donzell Lampkins, public relations chair for ACTS, said members of the church and community can come and pray with them showing their support and unity for those who were killed.

He said because of the killings, those in ACTS felt as if they needed to bring unity to the campus; they will not only pray for the lives lost in Kenya but for others killed because of their religion as well.

“We feel that we need to promote religious equality,” Lampkins said.

Those who were killed because of their open faith in Jesus have been considered martyrs, according to the press release.

Lampkins said the goal for those hosting the event is to have the prayer to symbolize their unity and support for the victims, survivors and all who have been affected by the tragedy. He said Christians are targeted a lot because people have their own beliefs and they may not line up with those who practice Christianity.

“It’s OK to have your own beliefs, but it’s not OK to discriminate and kill,” Lampkins said.

Andrew Robinson, a communication studies professor who will be giving the keynote, said through the prayer they hope to achieve a sense of awareness regarding what has been going against Christians around the world.

“To ask for God’s protection for Christians around the world, to comfort family and friends of those murdered by radical terrorists,” Robinson said.


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