Faculty senate to discuss revised resolutions; constitution amendments

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Faculty Senate will be meeting Tuesday at 2 p.m. to go over proposed by-law revisions, proposed resolutions, and constitutional amendment documents.

Grant Sterling, chair of faculty senate, said he expects this meeting to be a short one.

“The only items on the agenda that might generate much debate are the resolutions,” Sterling said. “I have no clue what directions that debate will take, but I doubt if it will last an hour and a half.”

The resolutions Sterling mentioned are the two revised resolutions the senate wants to include on the elections ballot for a faculty vote, as opposed to the previous three resolutions originally planned.

“A few weeks ago we had three proposed resolutions for a faculty vote,” Sterling said. “I have deleted one of them, which dealt with CAA’s Learning Goals initiative.”

The other two resolutions deal with Eastern’s finances.

The first resolution talks about requiring Intercollegiate Athletics to hold their annual to what was allotted to them, and for the financial process to be as open as other programs at Eastern.

The second, staying with Eastern’s recent strategic plan, calls for making reductions in the appropriated funds given to non-academic programs to protect current academic programs to the fullest.

“If either or both are passed, they would be issues that would be put up for a faculty vote,” Sterling said.

Faculty Senate will also look at a proposed revision to the senate’s constitution. In the proposal, the preamble is rewritten and article 2, which states the functions of the senate, is incorporated into the preamble instead of given its own separate paragraph.

Other revisions included renaming articles to accommodate losing the current article 2.

“The Constitutional Amendments have already been passed by us, so I don’t expect any discussion on them,” Sterling said. “They were included because the faculty as a whole have to vote on them before they become official.”

Sterling also said the by-law revisions are proposal for changes, and would not be discussed until after the amendment votes.

Faculty Senate will meet at 2 p.m. in the Booth Library conference room, afterwards they will reconvene at the Open Faculty forum in room 1255 in Coleman Hall at 3:30 p.m.


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