RHA elects new executive board

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

The Residence Hall Association elected a new president, vice president, national communications coordinator, treasurer and secretary for its executive board for the 2015-2016 school year at its meeting on Thursday.

Rachael Johnson, a sophomore chemistry major, was elected president, while Mackenzie Freund, a sophomore journalism major, was elected vice president.

The new national communications coordinator is Morgan Blackmore, a sophomore communication studies major; the new treasurer will be Kyle Anderson, a math major, and the secretary will be Kevin Lux, a junior history major.

As president, Johnson she said she would implement icebreaker activities into every meeting.

“I want to make it not just a meeting, but something fun,” she said.

She also said she wants to make more theme nights for the dining committee.

“I will work on making sure everyone’s voice is heard,” she said. “If there’s a concern, I want to people to let me know, then get a solution.”

Freund said as vice president she wanted to help new and old RHA members have a good year.

She said she wanted to plan a social media themed ROC fest, as well as keeping on top of Social Justice and Diversity Week, which are the responsibilities of the vice president.

“I want to get Greek Court involved in Social Justice and Diversity Week and ROC fest,” she said.

Lux cited that founded a gaming group and membership in several clubs as experience, as well as his ability to keep a promise.

“To get picked to be RHA representative, I promised to wear a fez to every meeting, and I have worn one to every meeting,” he said. “I keep my promises.”

Blackmore talked about why she wanted her position as well despite running unopposed.

“I want to keep EIU’s perspective happy, and in a good light,” she said.

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