AB OKs boards’ budgets

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Apportionment Board listened to and approved the revisions for Student Government Association, Campus Recreation, and University Board budgets.

The revised budgets will go to Student Senate, where they will decide the final vote on the revisions.

Reginald Thedford, the student body president, presented the student government budget, go over what the student senate executives came up with in the allotted funds.

“We took out $200 from the graphic design position and the social media marketing position,” Thedford said. “We wanted an increase from last time, we went up $100, and so we decided to decrease that amount.”

Thedford also said the executive took out $1,000 from professional services, $400 from non-employee travel, $2,000 from wearing apparel,  $900 from other commodities.

Thedford was originally going to present the revised budget to student senate during its meeting on Wednesday; however, he was unable to.

“It’s not the end of the world because I will present to them next week,” Thedford said. “I did want to get to them this week so that they will have a week ahead to look at the budget.”

Thedford also said the senators would have been able to voce their opinions about what was cut from the budget but since the meeting was not in quorum, they were unable to do so.

“It’s very likely that they may ask questions or question where we decided to cut,” Thedford said. “After explaining, I think they may understand where we decided to cut, I know it was it’s hard for us to cut where we did cut, but I think we made a good decision or good decisions on where we decided to cut from the budget.”

Sarah Daugherty, the assistant director of facilities at campus recreation, was unable to attend the meeting to present the revised campus recreation budget. However, she was able to provide a power point detailing what campus rec revised in their budget.

In the original budget proposal, campus rec request $211, 000, which was divided into $7,000 for maintenance costs, $54,000 for the six graduate assistants, and$150,000 for student employment. The revised changes would take away the $7,000 for maintenance and reduced student payroll to $131,485.

The revisions also include reduction in hours of operation during the week by 12 hours.  The rec center will go from currently operating at 114.5 hours per week to 102.5 per week.

The university board also presented its revision to its budget.

Tylen Elliot, the new chair of University Board, presented what the board had decided on cutting for their budget.

“The goal of University Board is to strive towards achieving programs of quality, diversity and entertainment,” Elliot said. “ We have over 100 event each year, 23 coordinators, 12 committees and we’ve been in service for more than 20 years.”

The total amount cuts from the university board budget was $33,564, which includes $4,000 from Cultural Arts; $1,000 from Mainstage; $3,000 from Marketing; $2,364 from special events; $10,000 from Movies and $1,500 from general costs.

The apportionment board members unanimously approves the three revision, and the revised budgets will go to the student senate meeting next week, where they will vote on their final approval.

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