CAA to discuss School of business graduation requirements

Luis Martinez, Adminstration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will discuss revisions to the School of Business graduation requirements and adding more options to the art major during its meeting Thursday.

The proposed revision is to make business students more prepared and develop “stronger critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills,” according to a memo from the School of Business curriculum committee.

In order to achieve this, students would need to complete one of the following courses: CMN 2040: Argumentation and Critical Thinking; ECN 3450 Game Theory;

GEG 3810 Geographic Information Systems I; MAT 2110G; Brief Calculus with Applications, MIS 3505: Advanced Microcomputer Application and Development, OSO 3800: Spreadsheet Modeling and Analysis for Management Decision Making; OSC 4820: Business Analytics and Data Mining; PHI 1900G: Logical and Critical Reasoning, along with its honors version.

Students would need to take one of these courses as part of their graduation requirements.

Currently, business majors need to take MAT 2110G, but according to the memo, the curriculum committee believes students would benefit more from a broader course list to further develop their reasoning skills.

“While we agree that our current requirement of Brief Calculus provides a benefit to students as they develop computational and analytical skill sets, we also feel the other courses noted above exist that develop such skills and align with the goals or our curriculum,” the memo said.

The School of Business faculty and the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences curriculum committee approved the proposed revision.

The council will also look at proposed course revisions in two art courses, ART 3111: Sculpture II, and ART 3112: Sculpture III. The council will also look at proposals about adding ART 2012G: Nonwestern Fine Arts as a requirement to students seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in graphic design and studio art.

The council will meet at 3 p.m. Thursday in Room 4440 in the Booth Library.

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