Faculty, students to free themselves from smoking

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Eastern’s faculty and staff members will have a chance to participate the Freedom from Smoking clinics at 11:30 a.m. March 31 in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Locations vary and will be announced once individuals register.

Amanda Harvey, the assistant director for the Health Education Resource Center, said the American Lung Association developed the clinics; HERC staff members are trained as facilitators for Eastern students and faculty and staff.

Harvey said the clinics are seven-and-eight-week sessions that assist in the quitting process with a step-by-step plan to stop smoking.

“The program is important, as it assists individuals on our campus to quit smoking,” Harvey said. “It provides individuals with information, motivation, and skills on ways to quit. We hope that by having the clinics on our campus individuals will have easy access to this resource.”

The eight-week sessions at each clinic will offer materials, motivation and support building among those involved. The actual “Quit Day” for attendees is not until the fourth week.

“One of the benefits is that individuals can work as a group in order to quit smoking or look to their own personal support systems,” Harvey said.

Harvey said those attending could build a relationship with one another and use that as a support while making the lifestyle change.

Participants will also discuss personal triggers to smoking, how to change behaviors to avoid those triggers, and why it is important.

“Ultimately, the benefit for enrolling and completing the clinic is that the individual will quit smoking.  If the individual is not successful we hope they are able to get to the point again of making that decision to quit and joining again in the future,” Harvey said.

Harvey said the goal for the sessions is to empower and encourage the smoker to quit smoking and by having the clinics on campus, make it easier for them.

The cost for the clinic is $75 for faculty and staff members. They can also submit a reimbursement through the Central Management Service once completing the program.

“It is our hope that we can have many options available and provide this great service to the Eastern community,” Harvey said.

Clinics will be available during spring, fall and summer semesters

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