CAA revises 16 more courses for next year

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The council will focus on 16 new items to their agenda, which includes a revision to the current sociology, management, and management information Systems majors, the addition of two new minors, and the addition of seven new courses.

The proposed revision for the sociology major would allow students to take up to three credit hours in anthropology, with the exception of ANT 2200 G: Introduction to Anthropology.

Sociology and anthropology are very similar majors; in an effort to emphasize the connections between the two departments, sociology majors should be allowed to take anthropology as an elective course, according to the memo.

Darren Hendrickson, the chair of the sociology-anthropology department, said the revision was a good idea.

“We believe this will strengthen the major by allowing students to take an Anthropology course,” Hendrickson said. “If they want to do so.”

There are other proposed revisions for both management, and management information systems majors. Three items will be added to the management major, according to the proposal.

First would be the addition of two new courses, MGT 4560: Seminar and Decision Making and Leadership, and MGT 4860: Managing Conflict, Power and Politics in Organizations, the introduction of a management minor, and a revision of the current management curriculum.

Melody Wollan, the associate chair of the School of Business, said revision to the current curriculum is not uncommon.

“Every few years, each major goes through a review process,” Wollan said. “We meet with current state holders, faculty alumni and current students and we look at current jobs and update the curriculum accordingly.”

The current management information systems majors focus on programming constructs, information systems theory, systems analysis, database and telecommunication, according to the memo.

In the proposed changed, the memo stated, “All MIS Majors complete a core of courses that provide a foundation in programming constructs, information systems theory, networking, systems analysis, database, web and ERP systems.”

On top of new course focuses, the amount of hours needed to complete the degree has also changed. Students would need 27 hours in majors course, and 12 hours in electives.

The Council on Academic Affairs passed 28 courses in their last meeting, which included revisions, majors and minors.

The council will vote on these proposals in the meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday in Room 4440 in the Booth Library.

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