Students to express emotion through metaphors

T'Nerra Butler, Staff Reporter

Students will be able to compete in a poetry cypher titled “Black on Black Rhyme” at 7 p.m. Wednesday in 7th Street Underground.

The cypher will be an event displaying poetic thought and self-expression.

Yolanda Williams, the chair of the African-American Heritage Month committee, said the poetry slam is one of the five events the committee has planned together.

The committee consists of African-American students from various organizations on campus, Williams said.

Williams said she reached out to the contestants via social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook, which allowed her to get six students to participate.

The categories are given to the contestants so students have time to get their rhymes cooking.

Shamerea Richards, a senior communication studies major, said she prepares herself for events by writing all of her work at once. She said she reads her poems off her phone to ensure she never misses any minor details.

“This event is important to EIU just in the aspect of how expressive performing arts really are to artists and how poets say however we feel through metaphors,” Richards said.

Poets will rhyme for three rounds and will be judged by five judges who will be chosen from the audience.

“We’re giving you raw uncut poetry; it’s pure emotion,” Richards said.

Not only are the poems giving the audience a feel of what the poets’ emotions are, but these artists are also showing a bit of African-American History, Richards said.

Along with being a contestant in the poetry slam, Richards is also the president and founder of Performing Arts for Effective Civic Education.

She said poetry has been a part of her life for countless years now.

Williams also said the events for the month have been in the making since October.

This event is free of charge, and the winner will receive a $150 prize, $50 in dining dollars and $100 worth of DVDs and poetry books.

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